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About HOPE

About HOPE
HOPE project is a fully student-run, not-for-profit project by AIESEC in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) .HOPE project based on fighting HIV/AIDS with youth in Malaysia !


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Photography Contest - Guidelines To Consider

| 14 April 2008
How Can I Relate My Picture to “Living without HIV/AIDS”?

3 QUESTIONS to Consider before taking a Snapshot with the Theme in Mind.

1) What is your Subject?

2) Where is the Place Setting (background)?

3) Your Message to convey?


Pick a subject for your photo.
1) Human as your focus

  • Think HIV/AIDS - Do NOT take the picture of a real living HIV+ person. Consider getting a prototype, you may wish to vary the surrounding to give a more realistic effect e.g. suburban area, red-light district, etc.
  • Think Healthy Living! How are you able to abstain from the disease?

2) Object (relevant to theme)

  • Consider object (s) which most people can recognize upon seeing it.
  • Use your creativity to EXPLAIN it. What is Your Perception? Share it with everyone!


Pick your Setting.
1) Have been living all your years in Malaysia? Not to worry.

  • If you can’t find the ideal scenery or a setting to match your subject, you are given a freedom to use photoshop utility to confer your photo a right feel. :)
  • Do keep in mind that you’re allowed only 5 types of editing as follows:
    - Brightness
    - Contrast
    - Cropping
    - Sharpening
    - Saturation

2) Do remember to submit the original(s) along with your edited photo!


Have A Message to Convey?

- Describe what you think of your final product (in relevance to the HIV/AIDS theme) in not more than 50 words!

- How will your photo create a response to those viewing it?

  • Use Emotional (sadness, anger, sympathy, joy, etc.) approach! OR
  • Practical approach by giving information that you wish to share with People out there, to MISSION POSSIBLE Conference delegates & to the Nation! Yes, you get your photos Published!


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