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About HOPE

About HOPE
HOPE project is a fully student-run, not-for-profit project by AIESEC in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) .HOPE project based on fighting HIV/AIDS with youth in Malaysia !


World’s largest youth-run organization with over 60 years of experience in developing high-potential youths into global-minded responsible leaders.



* Alicia Keys is fighting HIV/AIDS, why not you too? *

| 18 April 2008
"Who are we? What do we care about? Do we care about the whole generation of people being wiped out?" - Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys and Keep a Child Alive, an urgent response to the AIDS pandemic, have produced a brand new documentary featuring Alicia's journey through several HIV affected communities. Even though it's just a 45-minute documentary, we applaud Alicia Keys for being the ambassador for KeepAChildAlive.Org without any hesitation. With soft caring eyes, she embraced children in her arms and tried her best to help with what she could and making the film a success.

Feel free to view the trailer.

Never doubt the power of AIDS.
If you have the ability, please give helping hands to those who need it more than we do.
If you don't have the ability, it'll be kind if words are spread.

Let us do our part for the world too.

Know more about HIV/AIDS.
Learn it first hand together with new met friends.
Spread the words and educate others.

Join Mission Possible Conference.

Date : 1- 4 May
Venue: Universiti Putra Malaysia
Fees: RM78 (food and accom included)
Dateline: 25th April

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To fight HIV/AIDS,
I can't do it alone,
You can't do it alone,
So let's do it together.
Starting with,

Can you hear their cries?

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