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About HOPE

About HOPE
HOPE project is a fully student-run, not-for-profit project by AIESEC in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) .HOPE project based on fighting HIV/AIDS with youth in Malaysia !


World’s largest youth-run organization with over 60 years of experience in developing high-potential youths into global-minded responsible leaders.



* Mission Possible Conference *

| 24 May 2008
Finally, I have the time to write about it. :)
This is dedicated to all OC, all Faci, everyone who helped us.
And, it's specially dedicated to all delegates!
And to people who didn't know what was Mission Possible Conference, this is for you too! :)

MPC is a conference aiming to educate people about HIV/AIDS and help raise funds for those living with it.


Mission Possible Conference preparation was done months before 1st of May. Yet the day before, everyone was still busy preparing, checking and making sure of things.
Cheryl being occupied with HOPE marketing stuffs.

Rue-Hann checking out the items needed.

We did our best to make sure everything was in place...til we also got crazy.
Like this person. Who's it?

The day came. 1st of May. People started to walk into the hall of Kolej 5.
Registration time. After checking into the rooms, we waited for the bus and headed off to the Medical and Health Science Faculty!

Kudos to AIESEC UPM facilitators, the opening plenary was very friendly and hype~! :) And the conference started off...with ice breaking of course! :P

Goal settings and expectation session.
Delegates had a quality time thinking and discussing with others.

Not to forget, with the interns from Netherlands, India, Nepal and Korea around, the MPC was even more merrier than ever!

Ali from India sharing in front of the rest. :)

A collection of delegates' goals and expectations...@_@

"Challenges to Humanity" - A seminar talk by Malaysian AIDS Council.

And next we had interesting sessions by the Pink Triangle Foundation! A huge thank you to them to come all the way to join us~

There were different workshops for the delegates - Sex workers, Transgender, HIV positive living, Drug users and the MSM (Men have sex with men)
"How to wear a condom" demonstration at the Sex Workers and HIV positive workshop

MSM and transgender workshop~ The most happening workshop that day I guessed.

Facilitator Kaiser and Angy from Korea, being paired as a couple at the HIV positive living workshop~

Open discussion at Transgender workshop. A great time where thoughts were poured out and views were discussed. Thanks to all proactive participants and great staffs from PTF too!

Upon request, "Wearing a condom with your mouth" demonstration was done in front of all of the delegates. Cool! Try to guess how many cameras were aiming at that moment.

After a whole day of seminar and workshops of exposure, MPC cool down the night by having a movie and a night stalk game~ :)

We started off the day with.... BODY COMBAT by Celebrity Fitness!!! HOT GUYS!
Never knew that the delegates could be so cool~

Then we have a talk by AWAM. The best part of that seminar was when videos of drug abuse were played.

After sessions of HIV/AIDS ... we were thankful to have Alumni Edward to share his experience during the marketing workshop.

At night, it was a time for enjoyment -> RED PARTY!!!



Square dance must not be left out..:P
Congrats again to the luckydraw winners carrying home together prizes worth total RM1500 sponsored by Celebrity Fitness!:)

A special starting of the day with some magical moments~
We were glad to have Mentalist David Lai to join us during MPC for a comedy mind reading session!
David and Flora on stage. David did a great performance and I believe everyone still remembers how he BENDED THE SPOON...or CHANGED THE TIME OF PULKHIT'S WATCH without touching it. :)

After the "wow" and "ah" during the comedy mind reading session, delegates were off to a visitation at PTF Drop in centre!!! Yay! Out of campus!
"Line up..."
"Line up!!"

Delegates get the opportunities to get close contact with the people itself. Nicholas was raising up questions about Sex workers in Malaysia.

Small group picture~ Visitations were done in rotations because the number of visitors allowed are only 15-20.

We visited the Positive living, Transgender, and Sex workers drop in centres at TanCom building, run by Pink Triangle Foundation. Later on, all of us walked through Jalan Chow Kit (not exactly) and some fortunate ones spotted some Sex Workers along the street. It was indeed a very eye-opening visitation especially to those who did not ever get in touch with the 5 marginalised groups in Malaysia, before.

After a whole tiring visitation, we slept our way back on the bus. And boom! It's marketing simulation time!!

Brainstormed for ideas and tried their best to market their ideas~ :) U guys did very well!

At night, it was the Mission Possible session!
Teams were to fight for 80 candles at 4 stations...
"laugh lah..wei please laugh lah...."
Too bad HOPE Project Director Soon Kit will not laugh to give you the candles that easily my dear.... :P

Flora and Kaiser! Another station where the facis and OCs get to have fun too~! Hit your butt all the way through and fight for the candles~~~! A station where everyone really had thorough fun!

The first candle was started off by Conference manager Rue-Hann...and it proceeds...continuing the flame of HOPE.

Together we light the candle of HOPE

Never let the passion dies off

Mission Accomplished. A ribbon candle of HOPE, lighted with 600 candles.
This could not be done without YOUR participation. :)

The ribbon reminded us to always remember those who are suffering from HIV/AIDS, and to help them, as well as help others to prevent from being infected.
What a sweet and memorable night to end with.

It was a day to help raise funds....and we headed off to Sungei Wang Plaza!!!!
Macam shifting house...

Faci and OC giving out orders before the event starts!


"May I place a red ribbon on you, sir?"
A time to reach out to the public~

"Our shirts very nice wan...specially designed! Buy 1 donate to charity and get to wear nice shirts, cool leh..."
Gathering hand in hand for this charity event :)

Collecting as much donation as we can...

...for those who are in dire need of it

In less than 3 hours we collected approximately RM2000 which made everyone proud. ;)

We know we did not play a very big role in preventing HIV/AIDS.
Yet, little contributions always help when you want to make a change.
It starts from me.
It starts from you.
It starts from us.

Mission Possible Conference was a success.
And we always believe that....

Thank you to all who are involved in it.

Keep the promise.
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* Credits to Yee Ming (updated)*

| 21 May 2008
Hi everyone, remember Yee Ming? :)

Kudos to him he wrote a write up on Mission Possible Conference!!! At UKM's medical blog!

Click to view:

Thanks Yee Ming! We love you!!!! It's really very encouraging to us!

Also, he did a post on MPC too!

Anyone who have write ups please tell us, we are very looking forward to read it..No fear, you wanna frust, you wanna praise, you wanna complain, you wanna's all UP TO YOU! :)

the HOPE team.
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* AIDS memorial day - PT foundation - Aquaria KLCC *

| 18 May 2008
18th of May is AIDS memorial day.
PT foundation or welknown as Pink Triangle Foundation invited me and Fang Yee to witness the time capsule planting at Aquaria KLCC. Previously, HOPE project had PTF's participation during Mission Possible Conference and Treasuring Lives Charity Dinner.
I asked Dani whether is it possible to bring Sze and Pey along, he said "Ok but if there's not enough food you have to catch the fish from the tank"
OMG!!! And he actually tried to scare me off while I was taking pictures of the fishes...Bad bad Dani!!!
Me and Pey~Behind a tower of...fishes?
This is the opening of AIDS memorial day. There were representatives of the 5 marginalised groups in Malaysia - namely the Sex workers, transgender, MSM (men who have sex with men), HIV positive living, and drug users. Also, there are representatives from a young 23 years old mother with her baby, an entrepreneur who's married, and a lecturer. They pledged on behalf of the people and yeap, their pledges were placed into the time capsule too! :)
Previously, during Mission Possible Conference, we had a fund raising event at Sungei Wang. At the moment we also gathered signatures of people who supported us fighting HIV/AIDS. Proudly to say that the names are all also in the time capsule~ :)

Time capsule planting into the aquarium of 9 big sharks! Seriously they were HUGE!!! Malaysian Aids Council president Dr Adeeba and also Aquawalk Sdn Bhd's Aquaria KLCC's group managing director and CEO Dato Simon Foong took part in the planting of the time capsule.


Never give up.

Never forget.

Yeah!! It's us and Tao Foo Pok!!!! He's so cute and so funny la~ :P

Witness the planting of the time capsule here:

Coincidently, it was also Dato' Simon's birthday. His wife actually asked him to blow the candle which is outside of the aquarium where as he's in it! It was a very warm moment~ I love things like this. Enjoy it with me:

Everyone, KLCC is having baby Piranhas now! Watch them while they are still in their juvenile stage!!! I've watched them! :)

For more information, click HERE.

posted by: rue hann
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** Our Winning Entries!!! **

| 12 May 2008

“People and AIDS”

“You can't do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth.”

People think that “AIDS” is a synonym for “imminent death”. But the sad reality is that, the suffering is not from the pain, but from the people around. The stigma and discrimination associated with AIDS itself is sufficient to ‘kill’ these people. The fact society fails to notice is that no one wants to bear agony willingly. Think of mothers who bear their child for 10 months, with each second of it filled with guilt of giving birth to a HIV positive child? Do we still want to punish them further?

Surprisingly, AIDS-the disease that breaks families, cripples the society and takes life, has also been the reason to get people together. Volunteer works all around the world are the best examples. People from different walks of life, different background and beliefs are emerging to give these unlucky people a shoulder to lie and cry over. The support is compelling, and yet it is still insufficient.

As the peak of a civilization is reflected by its people, each of us should take the first step to make a difference in someone’s life. Let us fight AIDS, and not people with AIDS.

Sivaraj a/l Raman, 21, Winner


Propping her arms on the seat of the toilet bowl, she shuts her eyes in anticipation of a regurgitation that would never take place. Since that cup of tea she had in the morning, waves of nausea have been hitting her every tenth of a minute. Having knelt on the cold bathroom floor in the same position for hours, she felt like her arms were going to give way, mirroring the way she felt about her own life. Her tears were all spent over the last few rainy days spent indoors, quietly crying because she couldn’t keep up with the terrifying rate at which her body deteriorated.

The new protease inhibiting pills that she recently started taking on a tediously painstaking schedule might be slowing down her HIV infection, as her doctor promised, but the frequent bouts of nausea and fatigue were extremely hard to cope with. It made so many more of her acquaintances aware of her disease, and so much less of them who would be able to stand next to her without fearing for themselves. She knew the feeling of fear well. It was something that she wakes up with every morning.

Lee Siow Wei, 21, Runners-up



“Living Without HIV/AIDS”

This picture says that love should always be there even when the light of life is extinguished. When someone is HIV/AIDS positive, they feel rejected by society. But we all have to remember that love and care will help and support them to go through this.
Miranda Anastasi Pangestu, 20, Winner
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| 08 May 2008
Hi MPC delegates!!! Are you here????

Just wanna say the fund raising at Sungei Wang Plaza, within less than 3 hours, we were able to get RM1920.11 excluding the 10 EURO notes!!! It's nearly 2K!!!

Good job to all of you!!!!!!!!!!

YOu guys made me sooooooooooooooooooooooo PROUD!!!!!!!!!!

With that 2K of money, we've been able to make a difference in some people's lives.

Are you proud of it? Please do!

Do not forget to join our Charity Dinner this Sunday at KL Tower!!!!
RM 38 NET!!!

See u at the top!!!!
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Finally we have reached the most anticipated moment
for the lovely participants of
The Competitions on HIV/AIDS issue: Glimpse of A Perception!

After a thorough evaluation by our beloved judges, and such a week of suspense for everyone, we are now going to announce who the lucky winners are today.

(Take a deep breath)
For the Photography Contest, which all contestants were required to write a short caption in less than 50 words to describe a photograph taken based on the theme Living Without HIV/AIDS, we hereby announce that our winner is....

Miranda Anastasi Pangestu

from Taylor's College!!!!!!

For Essay-Writing Competition where all participants wrote a short essay of 200 words on the topic People and AIDS, we have decided to award the top two contestants.

A round of applause to:

The Winner,

Sivaraj a/l Raman

from International Medical University (IMU)!!!


To Runners-Up,

Lee Siow Wei

from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)!!!

All winners are invited to a Prize-giving Session during our closing ceremony at Menara Kuala Lumpur this Sunday, 11 May 2008.

All other contestants who did not win are cordially invited to join us in making our event a success too. Dinner tickets are priced at RM38 nett.

The Organizing Committee wishes to thank all participants for taking part and commend you on your efforts.
Indeed we hope that you have developed a passion to combat against HIV/AIDS!!

Do join us in our efforts to create and raise the awareness on HIV/AIDS among Youth!!!

We have yet another good news for Winners.
Indeed, you are entitled to special offers for Internship Opportunity to overseas.
We shall update you on this pretty soon.

To those who did win, not winning now does not mean never winning right?
So join us again next year!

Once again, Sincere Thanks and Heartfelt Gratitude goes to all participants, our Sponsors, our Judges, and last but not least, to the team that is working behind the scenes.


"Opportunity is waiting, you need but to open the door."
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Good News from DKSH to all AIESECer!!!


Eager for taking pictures???

We have a very special offer for all our beloved AIESECer!

BenQ C750
7.0 megapixels CCD
2.5" LTPS LCD screen
Auto face tracking*
Malay OSD*
3X optical zoom
Photoframes features*
Free 1 GB SD card!
Now: RM 399.00
Before: RM 599

BenQ X835
8.0 Megapixels CCD
2.5" LTPS LCD screen
world slimmest at 12.5mm
Movie with optical zoom & sound
High ISO up to 6400
3X optical zoom
Z lighting
Now: RM 699.00
RM 799.00

BenQ T700
7.2 Megapixels CCD
3.0" LTPS LCD Touch screen
ISO auto 80/160/320/400/800/120
MPEG-4 movie recording
High movie ISO up to 4000
3X optical zoom
Free 1 GB SD card

Now: RM 699.00
Before: RM 899.00

Casio EX - Z
7.2 million effective pixels
Big 2.6-inch LCD monitor screen
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anti-shake DSP
Lithium ION battery

Now: RM 599.00 + 1 GB SD
Before: RM 1499.00

Casio EX-Z 80
8.1 million effective pixels
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smile detection auto shutter
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Self portrait auto shutter
Face detection

Now: RM 799.00 + 2 GB SD
Before: RM 799.00 + 1 GB

Casio EX-S 10
10.1 million effective pixels
2.7" with super clear LCD
smile detection auto shutter
Anti Blur auto shutter
Pan Auto Shutter
Self portrait auto shutter
Face detection
Youtube function

Now: RM 1099.00 + 2 GB SD
Before: RM 1099.00 + 1 GB

For more further details, please do not hesitate to contact Choong Wei Ni at

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