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About HOPE

About HOPE
HOPE project is a fully student-run, not-for-profit project by AIESEC in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) .HOPE project based on fighting HIV/AIDS with youth in Malaysia !


World’s largest youth-run organization with over 60 years of experience in developing high-potential youths into global-minded responsible leaders.



Yo, yo ! Check dis out !

| 28 April 2008
To all 'Living Without HIV/AIDS' Photography Competition participants . . . . . .

Thanks for all the masterpieces that you guys have submitted.
Now i finally understand how a picture can paint a thousand words.

Now, here's the GOOD NEWS !!!
All of you now stand a chance to win,
A digital camera model BenQ DC C750, worth RM500!

All thanks to DKSH and BenQ for this lovely prize

whatever words your pictures are painting,
we'll still need to see what the judges have to say.
You'll be notified by email about the results by 8th May 2008.
Stay Tuned. Cheerz~!
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Treasuring Lives

| 25 April 2008
Treasuring Lives

Charity Dinner in the SKY
Click the poster to enlarge:-

Charity Dinner
Lucky Draw
HOPE 2008 Closing ceremony
Magic Show (Robin Lim)
HIV/AIDS infected or affected children

Date: 11th May 2008
Time: 7.00pm-10.30pm
Venue: KL Tower Mega View Banquet Deck
Price: RM 38 nett
Attire: Smart casual

Join this meaningful dinner with us!

For more information:

Please contact:
Fang Yee - 0122942289,
Pey Pey - 0122127071,
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* Alicia Keys is fighting HIV/AIDS, why not you too? *

| 18 April 2008
"Who are we? What do we care about? Do we care about the whole generation of people being wiped out?" - Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys and Keep a Child Alive, an urgent response to the AIDS pandemic, have produced a brand new documentary featuring Alicia's journey through several HIV affected communities. Even though it's just a 45-minute documentary, we applaud Alicia Keys for being the ambassador for KeepAChildAlive.Org without any hesitation. With soft caring eyes, she embraced children in her arms and tried her best to help with what she could and making the film a success.

Feel free to view the trailer.

Never doubt the power of AIDS.
If you have the ability, please give helping hands to those who need it more than we do.
If you don't have the ability, it'll be kind if words are spread.

Let us do our part for the world too.

Know more about HIV/AIDS.
Learn it first hand together with new met friends.
Spread the words and educate others.

Join Mission Possible Conference.

Date : 1- 4 May
Venue: Universiti Putra Malaysia
Fees: RM78 (food and accom included)
Dateline: 25th April

For more information,
click HERE.

Contact us at:
Rue-Hann (0176286468)

To fight HIV/AIDS,
I can't do it alone,
You can't do it alone,
So let's do it together.
Starting with,

Can you hear their cries?

Source: Yeong
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Photography Contest - Guidelines To Consider

| 14 April 2008
How Can I Relate My Picture to “Living without HIV/AIDS”?

3 QUESTIONS to Consider before taking a Snapshot with the Theme in Mind.

1) What is your Subject?

2) Where is the Place Setting (background)?

3) Your Message to convey?


Pick a subject for your photo.
1) Human as your focus

  • Think HIV/AIDS - Do NOT take the picture of a real living HIV+ person. Consider getting a prototype, you may wish to vary the surrounding to give a more realistic effect e.g. suburban area, red-light district, etc.
  • Think Healthy Living! How are you able to abstain from the disease?

2) Object (relevant to theme)

  • Consider object (s) which most people can recognize upon seeing it.
  • Use your creativity to EXPLAIN it. What is Your Perception? Share it with everyone!


Pick your Setting.
1) Have been living all your years in Malaysia? Not to worry.

  • If you can’t find the ideal scenery or a setting to match your subject, you are given a freedom to use photoshop utility to confer your photo a right feel. :)
  • Do keep in mind that you’re allowed only 5 types of editing as follows:
    - Brightness
    - Contrast
    - Cropping
    - Sharpening
    - Saturation

2) Do remember to submit the original(s) along with your edited photo!


Have A Message to Convey?

- Describe what you think of your final product (in relevance to the HIV/AIDS theme) in not more than 50 words!

- How will your photo create a response to those viewing it?

  • Use Emotional (sadness, anger, sympathy, joy, etc.) approach! OR
  • Practical approach by giving information that you wish to share with People out there, to MISSION POSSIBLE Conference delegates & to the Nation! Yes, you get your photos Published!


Ever considered going for an Internship Programme to Overseas?

Here’s Our Offer! Make Your Way to grab this Opportunity!

For the Winner of each Competition, YOU are offered the opportunity for


Stay tuned to http:// for further details! :)
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* An opportunity for you *

| 13 April 2008
Opportunity comes and goes.
So don't miss this.
Yes it's
You can make a difference!

If you are looking for...


Other guests participating in this conference:
Malaysian Aids Council !!!
Pink Triangle Foundation !!!
AWAM !!!
Central Independance Journalism Company!!!
Celebrity Fitness!!!
Cinema Online!!!
Robin Lim - Malaysia's Top Magician!!!

What more?
Certificates provided!
Freebies and prizes to be won!
Freepass to Celebrity Fitness!
International internship opportunities available!
Meet facilitators from Korea and Russia!

Date : 1 - 4 May
Venue : Universiti Putra Malaysia
Dateline: 20 April 2008


Opportunity comes and goes.

So don't miss this.

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| 11 April 2008


HOPE has friendster account too!!!

Add us up!

See you there!!! :)
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Time to deliver (Internaional AIDS Conference 2006)

| 10 April 2008
Take some time to view this.

A very special clip.

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Promotion at Medicine and Health Science Faculty, UPM

Yes! We did a promotion at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science.
This faculty is our tentative venue for the Mission Posisble Conference!!!

Our "stall"!!! Haha!
Fellow students viewing the brochures and fliers~!
Cast your vote!! Who will you hug?
These 5 boys choose to hug the one living with AIDS.
Happily leaving down their contacts after voting
One of the committee with a master student.
The team~! After everything - you could see we were a lil tired!
That evening, there's a rainbow appearing in the sky outside of our hostel.That marks the end of the day~!
Thanks for those who came!
See you at Mission Possible Conference!!!

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* Revealing Mission Possible Conference (part 1)*

Dear friends, nothing to do at home, or don't know what to do when you are free?
Do you have the love for the community?
Do you love your family, friends and people around you?
I heard YES?
If it is so, join MISSION POSSIBLE CONFERENCE to know more about HIV/AIDS!
Never ever let ourselves or the people we care, get infected by it.
Apart from the educational seminars we have, let me present 2 of our special guests!
Pump-It-Up! with..

Image Hosted by

and also...

experience the magic with

Robin Lim!!!

Oh, did I tell you about International Internship Opportunity?

This was when 3 Japan Interns came to Malaysia on their internaional internship this February!

Let you be the next one!!!

Want to know more about it? Join Mission Possible Conference!

Expose yourself to one of world's issue!

Build up your network through this conference!

Learn and Experience it!

Date : 1 - 4 May

Venue : Universiti Putra Malaysia

Fees : RM78 (Food and Accomodation included)

Dateline : 20th April

more information, click HERE.

Or contact

Rue-Hann (0176286468)


Registration forms can be downloaded at


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HOPE Carnival

| 06 April 2008
When is the last time you have been to a carnival? When is the last time you are playing fun fair games? Now, It‘s a chance for you to gain both of these experiences.

HOPE carnival – HIV/AIDS day @ KL Tower is brought to you by HOPE project, AIESEC in Universiti Putra Malaysia. There will be:-

- Exhibition
- Exciting games

- Stage performance

-Fascinating activities
-Lots of prizes to be won!

This is a good chance for you to be involved in charity as part of the profited money will be donated. Don’t ever miss this opportunity. Gain knowledge about HIV/AIDS besides having fun! See you at KL Tower Tower Terrace at 11st May 2008. Bring your friends and families along to this happening and meaningful event in town..! Stay tuned for more information..!!

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