HOPE Project works to change lives by sharing information about HIV and AIDS. Click here for more information on HIV/AIDS .

About HOPE

About HOPE
HOPE project is a fully student-run, not-for-profit project by AIESEC in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) .HOPE project based on fighting HIV/AIDS with youth in Malaysia !


World’s largest youth-run organization with over 60 years of experience in developing high-potential youths into global-minded responsible leaders.



See Us On Air

| 21 March 2011
Ever wondering who are we?
See us on air

Prizes will be distributed by 988 Happy Cruiser
on 10.30 am , 27 March 2011  

Don't forget , numerous prizes are waiting you !!

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Sponsor Of HIV & AIDS Awareness Run 2011


Couldn't wait anymore longer for HIV/ AIDS Awareness Run 2011?! 

So do we \(^0^)/
It is a pleasure to announce that we just have 5 more days to go

Now, I would like to introduce our  dearest  Sponsor

drum roll..

they are...
Official Beverage Sponsor  

Official Sponsor


See you ~
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HIV & AIDS Awareness Run - T-shirt Design

| 20 March 2011
Be a messenger of 


I have run for HOPE
How about you ? ?

Your little efforts will definitely create a greater impact to society!!



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HIV & AIDS Awareness Run - Running Course

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Where is Bukit Ekspo??


1. If you are coming from North-South Expressway Southern Route:
Please take exit at Exit 210 (UPM Interchange), you will come to a traffic light. Keep going straight until you see this board.
Take the left turning. There will be another traffic light, please do take the left turning. You will then see signboard guiding you to the venue, or you can also refer to the map above 。

2. If you are coming from LDP, please enter SKVE, and follow the route as mentioned at #3

3. If you are taking SKVE, do exit at Exit E26 6A (Putrajaya, Kajang, Kuala Lumpur, Serdang), and then follow the exit at Exit 3 345 (Hospital Serdang) after driving for about 15 minutes. You will then come to a traffic light, please take the left turning. And, Bukit Ekspo will be on your right!! =D

(Adapted from Dogathon2010)

Signboard will be put up around UPM Campus on HIV & AIDS Awareness Run 2011 to assist you. Yet, we do advice you to try to come here and find your way before 27 March , so that you wouldn't be caught in the jam on this big day and miss out any event!
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Annoucement-Registration closing date of HIV & AIDS Awareness Run

| 17 March 2011
Do you ever know over 84630 people are living with HIV in Malaysia and 11234 people have died of HIV and AIDS?

How many facts do you understand about HIV and AIDS?
How far did you aware on HIV and AIDS issue?

Grab this good opportunity to join us in


Registration closing date:
  25 March 2011

Accept Walk In Registration 
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With HOPE , we create MIRACLE

| 04 March 2011

This video was created by the HOPE and MIRACLE 1st batch interns 2011 in AIESEC University Putra Malaysia. Six people from five different countries, four different continents: Ivy Cheng and Olivia Ho from Hong Kong, Jessica Malcolm from Australia, Mike Pagalakis from Greece, Pedro Bandeira from Brazil and Quentin Delacroix from Belgium. We had been in Malaysia for six weeks participating in two Development Internships, one based on raising awareness among youth about HIV and AIDS and the other on addressing the issues of the environment and sustainability in Malaysia.

We are all very proud for having this unique, life changing AIESEC Experience. We had the chance to develop ourselves further in several areas such as presentation skills, communication skills, management skills, teamwork. We each realized new potentials, challenged our preconceived ideas and expanded our global network and horizons.

With HOPE we create MIRACLE :)

Take your chance now... AIESEC is recruiting!!
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Announcement- Closing date of HIV & AIDS Awareness Run

The closing date of HIV & AIDS Awareness Run 
has been postponed from 8 March 2011to 15 March 2011

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Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sri Serdang (2 )

The last workshop was a prize for us (First Batch HOPE Interns) because the students were very easy to work with, very confident with theirselves and very responsive.

These components were critical in attempting the interactive activities we falicitaded. From the one side the experience we have gained through our previous workshops, from the other side those unique students, composed in my opinion the most successful and impactful workshop we have facilitated so far. 

Furthermore, the second batch HOPE Project interns attended the workshop.

We gave them the chance to participate at the activities in order to help them feel more confident with theirselves and gain some experience in anticipation to the coming workshop  that they will facilitate.


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Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sri Serdang (1)

On 08 February 2010, the first batch of interns for the Hope Project attended our second last workshop. This was held at SMK Sri Serdang, which is walking distance from UPM. We gave our presentation to one group of around 30 students. The room in which the workshop was held was not ideal, as there were desks placed in the middle, and the students sat around the edges of the room. However it seemed that all students could see the computer projection, and hear our voices. The school kindly provided gifts to use as motivators for the students during activities. 

It was very lucky we had these gifts, as the students were extremely shy. On several occasions it took more than five minutes to get one person to answer a single question. It would probably be better if we thought about how to smoothly move on to another question if a volunteer is going to be so difficult to procure. The teacher told us at the end that the shyness mainly stems from their lack of confidence in English speaking. However, we really do need them to repeat some of our main messages, as otherwise we do not know whether they understood them. Some students asked to privately say the answer before speaking it to the class, so they clearly had an issue of confidence in talking to the entire room. 

The teacher also provided us additional feedback. Her suggestion was to include some shocking pictures or videos at the start to grab the students’ attention. Her examples were some pictures of gross skin deformities and scabs, taken from a Malay brochure about HIV/AIDS. My belief however, is that these pictures are factually inaccurate, and are inappropriately playing on emotion. Skin problems are far less common in HIV and AIDS than such symptoms as coughs and general malaise. The aesthetics of the skin pictures may contribute to discrimination against HIV/AIDS patients, which is something we are trying to eliminate. The idea of including an introductory video, however, is a good one. Perhaps we can show the video of celebrities promoting the AIDS Aware campaign, which was made with PT Foundation.

Very kindly, the school gave us gifts of appreciation, and also provided the interns afternoon tea after the workshop. 

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