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About HOPE

About HOPE
HOPE project is a fully student-run, not-for-profit project by AIESEC in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) .HOPE project based on fighting HIV/AIDS with youth in Malaysia !


World’s largest youth-run organization with over 60 years of experience in developing high-potential youths into global-minded responsible leaders.



New experiences and encounters

| 29 July 2010
Hi Fans,

Long time no see... so here we are again with an update. After a relaxing weekend we have had a week filled with visits to NGO's and some workshops.

On tuesday, 27th of July we visited the PT Foundation who are organizing an event this saturday where we will volunteer with other HOPE interns from UM and other NGO's and volunteers. We are really looking forward to it and will update you in detail =)!

Yesterday we had a very touching and inspiring visit to Rumah Wake I, II and III. Rumah Wake provides support and a home for women, transsexuals and children infected with HIV/AIDS. This time we didn't just talk about HIV/AIDS but experienced what the virus can do in real life. We were touched by the openness and optimism of the residents. Despite the hurt, both physically and mentally, they still find the courage to make the best of life and to stay positive no matter what. This was really inspiring for us and we believe we can learn from their strength and optimism. Thank you so much to the staff and residents to open their house and heart for us and to teach us this incredibly valuable lesson!

We used that inspiration today while giving two workshops at SMKA Maahad Hamidiah to another 100 students. Yet again we were amazed by the warm welcome and enthusiasm of the
staff and students. These guys and girls were very active, alert and really understood the key points we delivered.

It is becoming more and more clear to us that the HOPE project isn't just a volunteering project but an incredible gift and life experience for all of us =)!
Thank you to everyone who made this happen!!!

We"ll be back soon with fresh news =)!

Tangulu, Jessica, Sarah, Pauline & Dorien
HOPE Team July - August 2010
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SMK Seksyen 3 Bandar Kinrara

| 20 July 2010

Hi Fans,

Here we are again =).

Yet another day of the HOPE Project AIESEC UPM and yet another very nice workshop!
Today we had the pleasure to visit the school SMK Seksyen 3 Bandar Kinrara.

We met some really great students there who were very motivated to learn more about HIV/AIDS and were very active during our workshop! Have a look at the video at the end of this post, to experience just how active they were =)!
Thank you all very much!

We must say that we couldn't have imagined a better start of the Hope Project. In three days we have visited 3 schools, have delivered 4 workshops and ................. (drum roll) ...........................

.......have educated 300 students on HV/AIDS!!!

We left each school with a feeling of gratefulness and intense joy!
Thank you to all the staff members and students we have met to make the start of our project a big success!

Next on the agenda:
- more workshops in schools
- contacting and visiting NGO's who can support the HOPE Project.

We will ofcourse keep you updated on our adventures!

All the best!

The Hope Team July - August 2010
Pauline, Jessica, Sarah, Tangulu & Dorien

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SMK Puchong Perdana


Hi Fans,

We are writing this message with a big smile on our faces =) because we had two amazing and heartfelt workshops today at SMK Puchong Perdana! The students were really eager to learn and both them and the staff gave us a very nice welcome.

The boys and girls in workshop 1

In total there were 102 students
present today. We really had a great time giving them more information on HIV/AIDS and want to thank them for being so open and active. It was a pleasure to be with them.

The girls and boys in workshop 2

Thanks again to the staff and the student for a great day! Find more pictures on our facebook group: HOPE AIESEC!

We are really looking forward to our 4th workshop tomorrow at SMK Seksyen 3, Bandar Kinrara.

All the best from the Hope team July-August 2010
Tangulu, Sarah, Pauline, Jessica and Dorien
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| 19 July 2010

HOPE 2010 has started !!!

Dear fans,

It is a pleasure to announce that HOPE 2010 has officially started!

About a good week ago 5 grazy girls arrived from different parts of the world to contribute to the HOPE project and to make HOPE 2010 a success!

Let us introduce ourselves:

From the left to the right:

Jessica from Hong Kong
Dorien from Belgium
Sarah from Marocco
Pauline from China
Tangulu from Kyrgyzstan

Today we delivered our first workshop in the school SMK Puchong Utama. It was a great pleasure and honor for us. We would like to thank the students for the warm welcome they gave us and for their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. We couldn't have imagined a better start =D.

During our workshops we give students more information on:
- What is HIV/AIDS?
- How can you get HIV/AIDS?
- What can you do to protect yourself?
- How can we live with AIDS? From the perspective of people infected with HIV and from the perspective of society.

With this workshops we hope to make a difference, raise awareness and limit the number of people that are infected by HIV/AIDS.

We are very motivated and are really looking forward to the next three workshops which are planned this week =D! We will keep you posted! Watch this space ...

Last but not least we want to send a big THANK YOU to the AIESEC UPM team!

The HOPE Team July - August 2010
Tangulu, Pauline, Jessica, Sarah & Dorien

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AIDS patients dramatic recovery

| 07 July 2010
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First batch of interns

| 06 July 2010
The first batch of interns are arriving soon.

Are you READY for them?
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