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About HOPE

About HOPE
HOPE project is a fully student-run, not-for-profit project by AIESEC in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) .HOPE project based on fighting HIV/AIDS with youth in Malaysia !


World’s largest youth-run organization with over 60 years of experience in developing high-potential youths into global-minded responsible leaders.



News from the HOPE interns

| 19 August 2009
Dear visitors !

A new recruit has joined our ranks, her name is Meera, she comes from the UK and is studying linguistics and spanish at the university of Southampton.

We had two workshops since the last time we posted a message on this blog and they both went incredibly well.

The first one was directed at form VI students, most of them were 18 years old and really enjoyed our presentation, even tough from the feedback they gave us they wished we had had a condom demonstration. This will definitely be included in the next workshop, do not worry !

They were very open about HIV/AIDS and asked very challenging questions such as how does breat milk get infected? Can I get infected through oral sex? How long does it take the virus to spread?

We played the famous bang bang game which was an immediate success. No matter what age our audience is, they always enjoy it very much.

The second workshop, the one we had on thursday, was a bit of a challenge because we were expecting two groups of 40 students and we had one big group of 70 so we had to quickly re-organise ourselves into one big team, re-distribute the roles and come up with effective ways of keeping their attention at all times. Even though the group was much bigger than usual, the session ran smoothly and each of us joined them during group discussions.

It was nice to hear first-hand what sex education is like in Malaysia, especially in public schools where they rarely talk about sex and drugs. Most them had never seen a condom in their lives and were curious to know how it worked, and how it was supposed to be used.

We believe that being slighlty older than them was a good factor that made communication between us and them quite easy and honest. Most of them agreed that this had been one of the best presentations they had at their school.

It was heart-warming to get such a positive feedback, it only encouraged us even further to made our presentation perfect (we've been improving it after every single workshop) and we hope that the next batch of interns will add their own ideas to it.

So far, this has been an amazing and enriching experience and we hope that if, just like us, you care about education and health then do not hesitate to join the HOPE Project and help us to keep making a difference !

Hasta soon

Lavina, Han Yang, Wanyu, Ji Sun, Bora, Meera, Maria and Bonita
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Here we go again ! :)

| 09 August 2009

BLOG, post 3

Dear fans !!

It is my greater honour to tell you that our team of motivated volunteers performed their first workshop on Thursday and the outcome exceed our expectations.

The students walked in the room, welcomed by the “A-punk Vampire Weekend” song (you should download it, it’s awesome) and if at first they were pretty loud, they soon settled down and started paying undivided attention to what we had to tell them about HIV/AIDS. We split up into two groups, dividing equally personalities and knowledge about the topic. We played ice-breaking games with them, we had quizzes and Q&A. They very much enjoyed it and the feedback they gave us was fantastic: they thanked us for going to their school, saying it was the best presentation they had ever seen. Which was both relieving and heart-warming.

We received a certificate from the main teacher, so all of us stood up and took pictures with it. We had pictures with as a team in front of the ppt, then with the entire class, then with the class and the teachers. It was a pretty awesome moment, it gave us meaning as we finally got to performed what we came to Malaysia for. It was a great feeling.

By the way, our new trainee from Hong Kong has arrived, her name is Maria and she’s really cool. Can’t wait to get to know her better !

Our next workshops are going to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday so we’ll keep you updated !

Much love

Peace-lah !

Bonita and the HOPE Team (Lavina, Han Yang, Wanyu, Bora and Ji-Sun. And now MariaJ)

9 Aug 2009

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Third Wave!

| 05 August 2009
Yo yo yo everyone !!

So after a lot of hard work the Project Team managed to raise sessions with schools and UPM itself but it will not happen because the uni closed down for a week due to a couple of swine flu cases !
Nooooo !!!

But the trainees and the OC still have faith and we're getting ready to make the best workshop on the 7th of August in a school near the uni, we will let you know how it goes !!

Hope next time we'll tell you more exciting things !

Much love

The HOPE team
25 July 2009
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Second Wave!

Dear visitors !

Here comes the second post of the volunteers blog !!

We've had a very busy start of the week, spending our entire monday cold calling schools to arrange meetings and dates for our workshop, which is approved by the Higher Ministry of Education and sponsored by the Standard Chartered Bank (yep, we are a BIG DEAL).

After some succesful and less succesful calls, we managed to raise a meeting for this week with a school. We were really proud of this first achievement when we found out at the meeting tonight that this school is the one farthest away from town! One-hour drive apparently! Ouch! Hopefully we'll get a friendly AIESECer to get us there (AIESECers if you are reading this: HINT-HINT).

Tomorrow morning me, our Boss Elaine, Ripple and this other friendly girl from AIESEC are going to three different schools near UPM to arrange meetings and dates to run the workshop. Wish us luck !!

So this is all for today. We'll keep you updated !

Bettina and the HOPE team. xx
18 July 2009
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First Wave !


Dear visitors !

The fabulous and fresh new team of international interns from Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and the UK are proud to welcome you the HOPE Project for the months of July and August 08-09 !!!

We have been adapting to Malaysian lifestyle and very much enjoying the weather, the food and the smiley locals! Last week was our first training by other international students who have been running workshops on HIV/AIDS before us. They were really friendly and their training was very informative and useful as they managed to keep it informal but relevant. We also met two Dutch Ambassadors, Rutger and Nard, who are awesome. They gave us training on personal goal-setting and marketing.

Yesterday was another big day for us as we had our first meeting with everyone split into different groups to contact the schools. We’ve got a massive list of more than 200 schools!! The plan is to get in touch with as many of them as possible between now and Monday, when we’ll meet up again.

We will keep you updated on our progress.

Watch this space.

Much HOPEfull love

15 July 2009

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