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About HOPE

About HOPE
HOPE project is a fully student-run, not-for-profit project by AIESEC in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) .HOPE project based on fighting HIV/AIDS with youth in Malaysia !


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SMK Seksyen 3 Bandar Kinrara

| 20 July 2010

Hi Fans,

Here we are again =).

Yet another day of the HOPE Project AIESEC UPM and yet another very nice workshop!
Today we had the pleasure to visit the school SMK Seksyen 3 Bandar Kinrara.

We met some really great students there who were very motivated to learn more about HIV/AIDS and were very active during our workshop! Have a look at the video at the end of this post, to experience just how active they were =)!
Thank you all very much!

We must say that we couldn't have imagined a better start of the Hope Project. In three days we have visited 3 schools, have delivered 4 workshops and ................. (drum roll) ...........................

.......have educated 300 students on HV/AIDS!!!

We left each school with a feeling of gratefulness and intense joy!
Thank you to all the staff members and students we have met to make the start of our project a big success!

Next on the agenda:
- more workshops in schools
- contacting and visiting NGO's who can support the HOPE Project.

We will ofcourse keep you updated on our adventures!

All the best!

The Hope Team July - August 2010
Pauline, Jessica, Sarah, Tangulu & Dorien


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